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FAQ - Spring 2014
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Be it for submitting course work, compiling and testing programs, or learning the basics of operating systems, most of the CS courses require that you establish an ssh session with the primary student computer wormulon at some time during the semester. wormulon is a Redhat Enterprise Linux server that can accept ssh connections from off-campus, providing access to your CS home directories and software used for specific classes.

To connect to wormulon, you will need an ssh client. Mac OS X and Linux both have native ssh clients but for Windows, we recommend PuTTy, available here. It will probably also be helpful to install a graphical sftp or scp client in order to transfer files to and from wormulon. Fugu is one such client for OS X and WinSCP is a nice one for Windows.

For reference, wormulon's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is and the IP address, should you need it, is Once you have the software, your VandalWeb account and password are all that is needed to connect to wormulon. Because wormulon is open for off-campus access, there is always the possibility that some of the necessary security layers or restrictions could pose problems. For these reasons, this section of the FAQ is split into Problems Getting Connected and Problems Once Connected.

As for the name, wormulon comes from the Matt Groening television series Futurama and is the name of the fictional planet where the "highly addictive" soft-drink Slurm is manufactured. More brain cells on this matter may be sacrificed over at the Futurama Wiki.

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