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FAQ - Spring 2014
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Below, are some of the more recent issues before the CS Department Hardware and Software Committee (HWSC). The Committee makes recommendations regarding technology to the Department Chair. A student representative serves on this committee, elected from the active ACM members, and as students you are encouraged to offer your insights and desires into the process, either through the HWSC Student Representative or by writing the Chair of the HWSC. More contact Information may be found on the FAQ Contacts page.

Spring 2014 - Repository Share: There is now a special automounted share for repositories (/net/repos) to support the umask settings necessary for software programs like git, cvs, and mercurial. Samba enforces a default umask and this has been changed for this share to maintain group permissions.

Memory increases: wormulon memory has been increased to 4Gb with a new virtual memory limit raised to 2Gb. This appears to take care of some Java VM issues with compiling but command-line switches are still necessary to make things work. See the Issues/Troubleshooting page for more detail.


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